Salmon – Itch Eeze – Premium


Super Premium Salmon with Trout potato & Itch-Eeze

The Super Premium range benefits from a variety of high quality protein sources.The range provides a selection of hypoallergenic recipes formulated without common food allergens for dogs – beef, pork, wheat, wheat gluten, dairy and soya.

Itch-Eeze – A natural formulation for dogs containing a unique blend of herbs to help assist with areas of itching and scratching.

Salmon – Naturally rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids which have anti-inflammatory properties, provide support for skin and coat condition and joint health.

Trout – Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and vitamin B12 which support heart, brain, nerve, and cardiovascular health in dogs. Trout is also high in protein which supports a dog’s cell and muscle health. High in potassium, thiamin, and selenium which are essential minerals that help regulate various organ functions.

Potatoes –  Nutrient rich vegetables that provide a healthy serving of vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, and magnesium. The combination of these vitamins and minerals have positive effects on your dog’s immune and nervous systems.

12KG – Average Bag Lasts: 54 Days Adult


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