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DogSpace Bonnie Extra Tall Pressure Fit Dog Gate – Black




Dogs are curious beings by nature – especially puppies and young ones. And your home is full of many things that are just too exciting to not explore which often involves sniffing, dribbling, chewing.

We know they don’t mean any harm. But honestly, it can be quite exhausting for both the puppy and the puppy parents.

With a dog gate, you don’t have to worry about what your home will look like when you get back home after a long day at work. And you can protect both your four-legged friend and your home from any harm.

DogSpace Bonnie is an extra tall pet gate especially suitable for medium-sized to large breeds.

No need for screws or holes in your door frame or wall. DogSpace Bonnie is mounted with pressure fit. This also makes it easy to demount the pet gate again and bring it with you on trips along with your four-legged family member.

This pet gate opens both ways and you can easily open it with just one hand (but not with paws). An indicator tells you exactly when the pet gate is correctly installed for maximum safety.

DogSpace Bonnie fits into openings between 73.5-79.6 cm/28.9-31.3 inches. You can add up to 6 extensions to the same gate which makes it possible to fit it into openings as wide as 119.3 cm/46.9 inches.
If you use more than 2 extensions wall cups are needed for a safe and secure installation.

Option to add extensions:

If you wish to extend, we will pack your gate with  2 extensions that both are 7 cm/2.7 inches wide and fit perfectly with the DogSpace Bonnie pet gate.



    • An extra tall pet gate made for large breeds and acrobatic dogs who could work as escape artists.
    • Pressure fit pet gate that won’t leave any marks or holes
    • Easy to mount and remove – and take with you on vacation along with your four-legged family member.
    • Easily opened with just one hand, but quite hard to open with paws – no matter if your dog uses one, two, or all four.
    • Opens both ways – just like a happy dog’s tail wagging back and forth all day long.
    • An indicator makes it easy to see when the pet gate is correctly mounted – both with human eyes and your dog”s black and white vision.


Type of mounting

Pressure Fit


104.5 cm / 41.14″


79.6 cm / 31.34″


4 cm / 1.57″

Door Opening Minimum

73.5 cm / 28.94″

Door Opening Max

79.6 cm / 31.34″

Distance Between Bars

5.31 cm / 2.09″

Product Material

PE (Polyethylene) and powder coated steel

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