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Pomeranian Beauty

Pomeranian Beauty to treat specific dog needs according to hair type. Because not all Pomeranians are the same, it is important to give your skin and coat what it needs at every moment. As experts in dermocosmetics Pomeranian Beauty have created a high quality line of skin and hair care products that help to care for hair loss and leave your dogs coat full of volume.

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Pomeranian Moisturizing Shampoo - Intensive Repair 250ML
Pomeranian Beauty Intensive Repair Conditioning Spray - 250ML
Recovery Mask BSD 250mlRecovery Mask BSD 250ml
Recovery Mask BSD 250ml Prix de vente£39.99
Brush for Pomeranian by Pom Beauty
Pom Pom Mask Conditioner - 250ML
Recovery BSD Alopecia PackRecovery BSD Alopecia Pack
Recovery BSD Alopecia Pack Prix de venteA partir de £115.99
Pomeranian Shampoo - Voluminous Pom Extra Volume 250ML
Pomeranian Bi-Phase Conditioning Spray - Extra Volume 250ML
Pomeranian Beauty Elixir - 30ML / 100MLPomeranian Beauty Elixir - 30ML / 100ML
Pomeranian Beauty Elixir - 30ML / 100ML Prix de venteA partir de £26.99
Pomerania - Intensive Hydration Pack
Pomeranian 'Diamonds' Detangling Comb
Pomeranian 'Diamonds' Detangling Comb Prix de venteA partir de £15.99
Pomeranian Grooming Brush - "Rose Gold"Pomeranian Grooming Brush - "Rose Gold"
Pomerania Volume Pack
Pomerania Volume Pack Prix de vente£65.99
Pomerania Beauty Addict Pack, Volume & Hydration, All in One Pack
Puppy Grooming Starter Pack by SohopomsPuppy Grooming Starter Pack by Sohopoms

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