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Supporting Dogs Around The World

At Soho Poms we're passionate about supporting our canine friends around the world and work with a number of charities to help dogs of all shapes and sizes. From patrons of the Kennel Club to supporting a range of other dog charities from across Europe, we work with a number of registered charities to help them with important causes.

Discover more about some of the charities we support below.

The Kennel Club

Soho Poms takes great pride in actively supporting the Kennel Club, one of our registered charities. Our commitment to the welfare of animals aligns seamlessly with the Kennel Club's mission, and we are honored to contribute to their endeavors.

As patrons for this esteemed organization, we recognise the significant role the Kennel Club plays in promoting responsible dog ownership, ensuring the well-being of dogs, and fostering a community of passionate dog enthusiasts. Through our partnership, we aim to amplify the impact of their initiatives and make a positive difference in the lives of our four-legged friends.

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DogRisk is a research group at the department of equine and small animal medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki. They carry out in­de­pend­ent research on the associations between dogs' nu­tri­tion and their dis­eases, and develop the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index (HCPI) for dogs.

DogRisk are interested in preventing diseases. Their One-Health focused group has realized that dogs and people often nowadays suffer from the same diseases. The group also study diet, nutraceuticals, and other non-conventional therapies for these same diseases. In addition, one part of the research group study scent detection dogs.

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Would you like to add a donation to the Kennel Club?

As patrons of the Kennel Club, we would like to offer you the opportunity to add a small voluntary donation to support this fantastic cause. Would you like to add a small contribution to your order?

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