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Amati Luxury

Amati Luxury

A luxury dog accessories brand inspired by the historical role of lap dogs leading all the way back to the times of the Roman Empire. Tiny in size but big in attitude, these dogs resembling our present-day chihuahuas, Pomeranians, etc. were popular pets of upper-class and noble women in the ancient Empire. As constant loyal companions, they were adored and accordingly adorned with valuable stones and materials on collars and leashes.

“Amati” is derived from the Latin word “amatus” which means “beloved”. Amati’s story, inspired by the pet’s ancient history, is a story of love, companionship, and joy. With sophisticated taste in our Italian blood lineage, we create glamorous personalized accessories to display care and affection for our loved ones - just the way our Roman ancestors did.

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Amati Dog Harness Gift Set BeigeAmati Luxury Harness Beige
Amati Luxury Set Beige Sale priceFrom $231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Collar BeigeAmati Luxury Collar Baige
Amati Luxury Collar Beige Sale price$231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Set RedAmati Luxury Set Red
Amati Luxury Set Red Sale priceFrom $231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Collar RedAmati Luxury Collar Red
Amati Luxury Collar Red Sale price$231.00
Amati Luxury Set PinkAmati Luxury Set Pink
Amati Luxury Set Pink Sale priceFrom $231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Collar PinkAmati Luxury Collar Pink
Amati Luxury Collar Pink Sale price$231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Harness BlackAmati Luxury Set Black
Amati Luxury Set Black Sale priceFrom $231.00
Amati Luxury Dog Collar BlackAmati Luxury Collar Black
Amati Luxury Collar Black Sale price$231.00