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A commitment to quality underpins everything we do. We prepare our supplements to pharmaceutical standards using active ingredients taken from the whole plant. No second-stage extracts for us: ours come directly from the leaves, stems, roots and first pressings of oil – and only from herbs that meet our own stringent quality standards. The result is a comprehensive range of natural and herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies that help keep your dog or cat’s life in balance. Away from the lab and the white coats, we’re typical dog lovers – keen to chat with fellow dog owners and delighted to offer advice on anything from supplements for an active lifestyle to treatments for travel sickness, phobias or ageing joints. We love being part of that great dog-owning community, and feel privileged to be able to share our expertise with fellow dog enthusiasts.

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Chewy Coffee wood for dogChewy Duo Set Coffee Wood for dogs Small, Medium, Large
Roast Dinner Dog Toothpaste 200g
kelp seaweed powder for dog coat and skinKelp Seaweed Powder Dogs And Cats 'Thicker coat'
Omega Star for dog coat and skinOmega Star For Dogs 'Skin and Coat Support'
green Leaf urinary support for dogs and catsGreen Releaf Tabs For Dogs And Cats 'Urinary support'
Keeper's Mix Sensitive Dogs, Cats and Puppies 'Diet booster'
Evening Primrose Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats coat and skin supportEvening Primrose Oil Caps 'Skin and Coat Support'
Malted Kelp Tablets For Dogs And CatsMalted Kelp Tabs For Dogs And Cats 'Appetite support'
Scullap and valerian tabs anxiety support for dogs and catsScullcap & Valerian Tabs Dog and Cat 'Anxiety support'
Milk Thistle Liver support for dogs and catsMilk Thistle Tabs For Dogs And Cats 'Liver support'
turmeric for dogs and catsTurmeric Tabs Dogs Cats 'anti inflammatory'
Jointwell Dorwest Joint health for dogs and cats